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What is this Community:

This community is designed to connect riders to the thousands of cycling brands and companies with ambassador programs, sponsorship opportunities, discounts and promos, product review & testing opportunities, scholarships, etc.

If you are a racer, influencer, or just enjoy riding your bike, join today to connect with a cycling company and explore opportunities they have available.

Connect with brands and cycling companies in a new way!

100% free to join! 

How does it work?

Riders can browse and join company groups, post original content or repost content from their other social accounts, respond to opportunities posted by companies, interact with other riders and companies via chat, and much more.

To join as a business please email us at [email protected] or sign up for a business account at thebikingmarket.com

"You don't have to be a pro rider to get products or sponsorships from cycling companies. There's opportunity for everyone, and all you need is the right opportunity at the right time." 

Johnny Gibson - Founder at thebikingmarket.com

What is The Biking Market

The Biking Market is a new online cycling marketplace that brings all of the inventory in the cycling industry, including items sitting on shelves of local bike shops, into one place.

Brands, local bike shops, and other cycling companies list their inventories in the marketplace so you can can shop from all of them in one place... instead of individually.

Shop thousands of products from sellers you know and trust!


Your new "trusted source" for finding cycling products.

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